Food Icon Set
Academic project
For this assignment in my Graphic Design Media Management class, I was tasked with creating a set of 20 icons for a topic of my choice. I was driven by the idea of creating icons that I could truly see being useful in our modern and digital world, so I chose to create icons for a food delivery and review app I named Foodar. 

Each icon represents a category of food that can be searched for in the app. I wanted each icon to feel consistent, so I made sure to create a thoroughly planned out design system to follow. A big challenge with these icons was making each one visually feel the same size—this involved a lot of resizing and reworking as the project progressed. 

In addition to the icons, I developed a logo for Foodar with completely custom type. I decided to use a bright red as it is known to be an appetizing color.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​