This collection features ten wordmark logos I created between 2022 and 2023. All of these wordmarks, except for the ones for Rice and Fish Watch, are completely custom—meaning no fonts were used. Instead, I sketched out a rough version of what I wanted to create and then used shapes and paths in Illustrator to develop my own type. The process of optically balancing type can be very painstaking, but I find that by creating wordmarks from scratch, I can realize my exact vision, resulting in truly unique and memorable logos.

These wordmarks were created as personal projects—some as part of brand identities, while others were made simply because I had an idea and wanted to bring it to life. What unites them is that each one has a vision behind it that drove its creation.
Symbols & Marks
These logomarks and symbols were created as a visual demonstration of the qualities that define unique, memorable, and minimal design. I aimed for each mark to exhibit optical balance and to remain distinguishable at small sizes, allowing for optimal use in both digital and physical contexts. Each mark is either pictorial, abstract, or a representation of a letter.
Experimental Alphabet
Just for fun, I created an experimental alphabet using some of the letters from the collections above, in addition to newly designed letters.
Halo Logo Process
Initial sketch (brush pen)
Refined sketch (pencil on tracing paper)
Final vector logo
The two sketches pictured above represent only a small fraction of the total effort, which involved numerous brush pen sketches followed by several rounds of tracing with a pencil and tracing paper. Once I was satisfied with my pencil sketch, I imported it into Illustrator and​​​​​​​ and traced it with the pen tool. After many adjustments, the logo was complete. 

Much was learned through the creation of this logo, as it was my first time attempting a calligraphic style.